Friday, June 19, 2009

Pre-order #4 Accessories!

Part ONE - Women always need more SHOES!

Cute Ribbon wedge:
Item Code: KPA0001
Colors: Bluish green, black, deep pink
Details: width ~ 7.5cm, heel ~ 10cm
Material: Cotton

Stylish sandals!

Item Code: KPA0002
Colors: Gray, Pink, Camel
Details: Width ~ 8.5cm, heel~ 2cm, height ~ 12cm
Material: Suede

Check-ed wedges:

Item Code: KPA0003
Colors: Pink, blue, black
Details: width~ 8cm, heel ~ 7cm
Material: cottonmixed spinning/ linen

Studded gladiator heels - super chic! (SUPER COMFY)

Align Center
Item Code: KPA0004
Colors: Light beige, black, brown
Details: heel ~ 9cm, zip (back) ~ 2cm
Material: Synthetic leather

Part TWO: BELT-ing it
Belt with gold studs:

Item Code: KPAB0001
Colors: brown, beige, camel brown
Details: width ~ 6cm, length ~ 68cm
Material: Spandex

More to be added soon!

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