Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pre-order #1 "ONE-PIECE"

Hello all! First batch of pre-oder items - super cute dresses! Dresses are the best options during "Blah" days. Just throw on a cute dress and a pair of killer heels - Instant chic-ness :) Add PIECES & COLORS to your wardrobe NOW!

*Note: Most items come in free size, please refer to measurements.

Cute tube dress (florals!)
Item Code: KPOP0001
Colors: Ivory, Navy, Green (skirt)
Size: Bust ~ 65cm (stretchable)
Length of garment ~ 68cm

Perfect for the beach!
Item Code: KPOP0003
Color: Multitone
Size: Bust (front only) ~ 34cm (stretchable)
Length of garment~ 116cm

Comfy shirt-dress (:
Item Code: KPOP0002
Colors: Purple, White, Navy
Size: Bust ~ 92cm
Length of garment ~ 85cm
Width of sleeve ~ 50cm
Length of sleeve (shoulder) ~ 25cm

Cut-out mini-dress!
Item Code: KPOP0004
Colors: Light gray, bluish green, black
Size: Shoulder ~ 30cm
Bust ~ 84cm
Length of garment ~ 87.5cm
Width of sleeve ~ 40cm
Length of sleeve ~ 20cm

It's all about the shoulders...
Item Code: KPOP0005
Colors: White, Light Gray, Light Blue
Size: Shoulder ~ 29cm
Bust ~ 84cm
Length of garment ~ 83cm
Width of sleeve ~ 31cm
Length of sleeve ~ 19cm

I'm seeing stars:
Item Code: KPOP0006
Colors: Mint, Light Gray, Black
Size: Shoulder ~ 29cm
Bust ~ 88cm
Length of garment ~ 77cm

Boho chic:
Item Code: KPOP0007
Colors: Ivory, Navy
Size: Bust ~ 102cm
Length of garment ~ 77cm
Width of sleeve ~ 34cm
Length of sleeve ~ 21cm

Item Code: KPOP0008
Colors: Dark brown, Indi Pink, Dark Gray (not shown)
Size: Shoulder ~ 34cm
Bust ~ 76cm
Length of garment ~ 80cm
Width of sleeve ~ 78cm
Length of sleeve ~ 16cm

Color block:
Item Code: KPOP0009
Colors: Beige, Orange
Size: Bust ~ 80cm
Length of garment ~ 90cm
Width of sleeve ~ 44cm
Length of sleeve (shoulder) ~ 17cm

Tie-dye is the new BLACK:
Item Code: KPOP0010
Colors: Yellow tone, Blue tone, Black tone
Size: Shoulder ~ 28cm
Bust ~ 80cm
Length of garment ~ 85cm

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