Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Basics

KIS0043 "Les Bos" Oversized Cropped top
(Tie up the side slits to make it fit!)
Fits: UK6 - UK12
$28 (SOLD)

KIS0045 Bluish Green Cotton Fit Skirt
(Stretchable cotton, can be worn as a tube top!)
Fits UK6 - UK12

KIS0044 "Fake Jacket" tee
(Check out the cute details on the back!)
Fits: UK6 - UK12
$29 (SOLD)

KIS0046 Dark Pink Cotton Fit Skirt
(Stretchable cotton with front pockets!)
Fits: UK6 - UK10

KIS0047 Unbalanced Bluish Green top
(Check out the sleeves!)
Fits: UK6 - UK10
$49 (SOLD)

KIS0054 Beige See Through Mini Dress Top
(Light weight chiffon)
Fits: UK6 - UK8

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let's play DRESS up!

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Add colors to your wardrobe with these beautiful pieces!

ONE piece per item! Grab them while you can!

Tube dresses are perfect summer staples! Florals never go out of style!

Pair it with a fitting tee for day!
KIS0035 Pink Floral Tube Dress
(Stretchable material)
Material: Polyester mixed spinning
Fits: UK6 - UK10

KIS0036 Navy Floral Skirt Tube dress
(White tube top can be stretched to fit!)
Material: Cotton Mixed Spinning
Fits: UK6 - UK10

ONE dress, TOO MANY WAYS (to wear)!

KIS0037 Polka Dot Tube dress
(Can be worn as a skirt!)
Fits: UK6 - UK12

KIS0038 Red Checkered Tube Dress
(Stretchable opening area)
Fits: UK6 - UK10

Because Office wear doesn't have to be boring!
KIS0039 Striped Button top with White skirt
Details: Top - Chiffon (See Through)
Skirt - Denim
Fits: Uk6 - Uk10

Easy Breezy for HOT, LAZY days!
KIS0040 Vintage print shirt dress
(Stretchable waist area)
Fits: UK6 - UK12

The Perfect layering piece!
KIS0041 Nautical stripe long singlet
Fits: UK6 - UK12
$18 (SOLD)

For Her & Him
On HER: Wear it on its own or belt it high/low waisted to your liking!
On HIM: Short pants, long pants, add some accessories and you are ready to go!

KIS0042 Unisex Neon Shirt Dress
(Share it with your boy!)
Fits: All

Sexy but not too revealing ;)
KIS0048 Sexy shoulder dress
(Can be worn as a top!)
Fits: UK6 - UK12

KIS0049 Polka Dot Dress (Navy)
Fits: UK6 - UK10
$19 (SOLD)

KIS0050 Polka Dot Dress (White)
Fits: UK6 - UK10
$19 (SOLD)

KIS0051 Black Paint Print Dress
Fits: UK6 - UK8
$19 (SOLD)

The unique dress!
KIS0052 Zebra Print Unbalance Dress
(Cotton Material)
Fits: UK6 - UK10

KIS0053 "Roses are red" tube dress
(Pink Silk-like material)
Fits: UK6 - UK8

***All items are imported from Hongkong & Korea***
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Friday, July 3, 2009


@ ICC on 28/06/09!

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