Monday, April 26, 2010

Hair extensions - Black

Hair extensions available in stock! (Black only)
Each piece measures about 10 cm wide and 65 cm long
If you have medium- long hair, 4 pieces should be sufficient for the whole head :)
Please email for any inquiry!
(Four pieces of extensions)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why you need hair extensions #1

Because a nice, big bun + 3000 bonus points to an outfit! (And you need LONG, THICK hair to achieve a nice big bun!!)
Case(s) in point:
... ok maybe not the last one. But you get the POINT :)
(image sources: facehunter/facehunter/studdedhearts/buystarwarscostume)

Do-It-Yourself with these amazing videos!
(It's ok to not understand Japanese.. this video is pretty much self- explanatory)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

SHOES! - Part 2

email for orders/inquiries!
KPS0007 Lace up shoes with thick heels*
Material: Synthetic Leather
Colors: Black
Sizes: 36, 36.5, 37, 38, 38.5, 40

KPS0008 Strappy round toe heels*
Material: Synthetic Leather
Colors: Dark brown, Black
Sizes: 36, 36.5, 37, 38, 38.5, 40

KPS0009 Pointy Suede heels*
Material: Suede
Colors: Khaki, Gray, Khaki Beige, Black, Black Gray
Sizes: 36, 36.5, 37, 38, 38.5, 40

KPS00010 Animal Print Flats*
Material: Suede
Colors: Dark Red tone, Light Beige tone, Brown tone, Black tone
Sizes: 36, 36.5, 37, 38, 38.5, 40

KPS00011 DM lookalike booties*
Material: Synthetic Leather
Colors: Green, Hot Pink, Red
Sizes: 36.5, 37, 38, 38.5, 40

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Women always need more shoes! Check out our latest collection and email for any inquiry/order!

Because we cannot afford Ann - D's!
Beauuuuuutiful lace up platform heels that will "MAKE" any outfit! The baby version of the oh-so-famous Ann Demeulemeester heels (retailed for USD$920)!
Ann-D shoes (images from chictopia and google images)

KPS0001 - Sexy Laced up platform shoes*
Material: Synthetic Leather
Colors: Beige, Brown, Black
Sizes: 36, 36.5, 37, 38, 38.5, 40

Trend alert - Let's get STUDDED

KPS0002 - Studded Ankle booties with bow*
Material: Suede
Colors: Grey, Black
Sizes: 36, 36.5, 37, 38, 38.5

The "must-have" shoes that go with any outfit!

KPS0003 - Open toe lace-up shoes*
Material: Suede
Colors: Black, Beige
Sizes: 36, 36.5, 37, 38, 38.5, 40

It's gotta be HOT if Rhi Rhi likes it!

KPS0004 - Back open boots*
Material: Synthetic leather/ canvas
Colors: Black, Light khakhi
Sizes: 36, 37, 38, 39

"I'm a Barbie girl"

KPS0005 - Vintage inspired Platform shoes*
Material: Denim/ Plastic
Colors: Denim, Black
Sizes: 36, 37, 38, 39

A twist to the basic round toe pumps!

KPS0006 - X strapped heels*
Material: Synthetic leather
Colors: Khakhi brown, Brown
Sizes: 36, 36.5, 37, 38, 38.5

More to be added soon! watch this space!

* Pre-order only. Closing date: 31-09-09
* If you would like to receive your orders before Raya, place your orders before 10-09-09, you should be able to receive your item on time!
* 50% deposit must be paid beforehand

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hair extensions still available

The hair extension clip-ons are still available in LIMITED quantity!



(Model is wearing dark brown extensions dyed to match her hair color)

What are you waiting for??
Email for your orders/ inquiries :)