Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pre-order #3 Pretty tops!

Pretty tops up for grabs!

Tie Dye + Fringe = Chic!
Item Code: KPT0001
Colors: Green tone, red brown tone, blue purple tone
Size: Shoulder ~ 31cm
Bust ~ 78cm
Length of garment ~ 76cm

"Super-dad" tee! The fringe makes it a perfect layering piece!

Item Code: KPT0002
Colors: Red brown, Light gray, black, white
Size: Shoulder ~29cm
Bust ~ 86cm
Length of garment ~ 83cm

"Have a FAT 2009"!

Item Code: KPT0003
Colors: White, deep pink, green, purple
Size: Shoulder ~ 37cm
Bust ~ 94cm
Length of garment ~ 80cm
Width of sleeve ~ 32cm
Length of sleeve ~ 21cm

"The virgins" tee

Item Code: KPT0004
Colors: gray, blue, red, navy
Size: Bust ~ 106cm
Length of garment ~ 81cm
Width of sleeve ~ 36cm
Length of sleeve-(shoulder) ~ 19cm

Loose fit knit top:

Item Code: KPT0005
Colors: Beige, Khaki, White, Black
Size: Bust ~ 108cm
Length of garment ~ 69c,
Width of sleeve ~ 36 cm
Length of sleeve-(shoulder) ~ 23cm

Cropped hoodie in 4 different styles!

Item Code: KPT0006
Size: Red/A, Green/A, Green/B, Blue/B
Size: Shoulder ~ 46cm
Bust ~ 92cm
Length of garment ~ 42cm
Width of sleeve ~ 36cm
Length of sleeve ~ 33cm

Cropped vest with fringe - so cute!
Item Code: KPT0007
Colors: White, Black
Size: Shoulder ~ 25cm
Bust~ 78cm
Length of garment ~ 40cm
width of sleeve ~ 44cm

Fitting sleeveless turtle neck - must have basic!

Item Code: KPT0008
Colors: khaki, black, blue, red purple, cocoa, gray, white, navy
Size: shoulder ~ 26cm
bust ~ 58cm
Length of garment ~ 63cm

Cute embellished vest!

Item Code: KPT0009
Colors: navy, black, white
Size: Shoulder ~ 29cm
Bust ~ 80cm
Length of garment ~ 61cm

Can't get enough of tie-dye!

Item Code: KPT0010
Colors: Sky, light purple, gray
Size: Shoulder ~ 51cm
Bust ~ 104 cm
Length of garment ~ 69cm
Width of sleeve ~ 28cm
Length of sleeve ~ 16cm

'CHECK' me out!

Item Code: KPT0011
Colors: Red, Deep Blue
Size: Bust ~ 96cm
Length of garment ~ 52cm
Width of sleeve ~ 50cm
Length of sleeve-(shoulder) ~ 23cm

Washed out denim top/ jacket

Item Code: KPT0012
Colors: Blue denim
Size: Shoulder ~ 36cm
Bust ~ 84cm
Length of garment ~ 68cm
Width of sleeve ~ 36cm
Length of sleeve ~ 23cm

Pretty in lace!

Item Code: KPT0013
Colors: Indi pink, Ivory
3 sizes:

[1] Shoulder ~ 33cm, Bust ~ 84 cm, Length of garment ~ 53cm, Width of sleeve ~ 30cm, Length of sleeve ~ 20cm
[2] Shoulder ~ 34cm, Bust ~ 88cm, Length of garment ~ 53cm, Width of sleeve ~ 31cm, Length of sleeve ~ 20cm
[3] Shoulder ~ 35cm, Bust ~ 92cm, Length of garment ~ 54cm, Width of sleeve ~ 32cm, Length of sleeve ~ 21cm

Effortless chic :)

Item Code: KPT0014
Colors: White, Beige
Size: Shoulder ~ 33cm, Bust ~ 92cm, Length of garment ~ 60cm, Width of sleeve ~ 32cm, Length of sleeve ~ 44cm
(Attached scarf: width ~ 20cm, length ~ 173cm)

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