Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Korea Shopping Spree!

Hello all!

Piecesandcolors will be doing a Korea shopping spree, with the latest trends imported from Korea! This blog will be updated with pre-order and in-stock items real soon, so watch this space! A few items that you should know before placing any order:

- There will be a certain time span when you can place your orders, be Quick!
- Limited stocks only! Place your orders before everyone else!
- At least 50% deposit must be placed (before the closing date), otherwise your orders will not be placed.
- It's on a first-come-first serve basis! If there are more than one person ordering the same item, priority will be given to the person who pay first.
- For orders > $100, a $5 voucher will be given to you for your next shopping with us!
- Price negotiation will not be entertained (:


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