Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hair extensions in Light Brown and Black

Hair extension clip-ons in Light Brown / Black up for sale!

I have constructed a simple step-by-step "How to use"guide with pictures, ENJOY! :)

You need:
- 6 pieces of hair extension clip-ons
- Hair clips/ your own hands to hold on to your hair

You may want to know that:
- Model has shoulder-length hair 
- Model is using the extension clip-ons in light brown

Decide on where you want to clip on the extensions by dividing your hair into three sections (Bottom, Middle, Top).

Starting with the "BOTTOM" part first, pull your hair up according to where you want the extensions to be clipped on.

Ready? Now clip on ONE piece of the extension near the centre part of your hair

Proceed to locate the "MIDDLE" part of your hair.

Clip on TWO pieces of the extensions. Refer to the pictures below.

Now locate the "TOP" part of your hair.

Clip on THREE pieces of the extensions. Refer to the pictures below.

Tada! All glam-ed up and ready to go!

Easy enough? 

*** Extra notes***

1. Model in the step-by-step guide has shoulder-length hair (short to medium). If you have shorter hair, you might need more than 6 pieces to create a more natural look.

2. The extensions can also be used to add volume and structure to long hair ;)

3. The extensions are made of real human hair! They can be combed, curled and even dyed to suit your hair color!

4. Can't find the color you are looking for? Opt for the light-brown extensions and color-dye them to achieve the color that you want. Light-browns are preferred over the black ones for dye-ing because they can "take in" your colors more easily.

Interested? Shoot us an email at, indicating the color and quantity you want.

Thank you very much for visiting! Happy buying! 

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